What is Education System in India?

Every the country in this world has its own model for education. Some of the countries have made it compulsory as if you are not educated, you cannot have Driving license and another license etc. If we talk about the education system in India. There is also such kind of rules and regulation that are made for the people to get educated but education has not been marked as compulsory. According to our constitution, everybody in the country have the right to education.

Earlier, it used to happen that Educations were allowed for the upper caste people only, but after the independent when the new constitution is made, there are some special rights that are given to the citizens of India in the Fundamental Rights. So many things have been changed in the last 100 years. Earlier India has Gurukula education system, all the people who want to get educated; they had to find the guru. It all depended on the GURU. If Guru didn’t accept you, there was no other way to get an education. Following time changes and in the year 1830, Lord Thomas Babington brings the Modern school Education system in India. The “Modern” term was modern. 

In this, the entire person to wish to take education was allowed to take. In this modern school, many news subjects added like Math, Philosophy etc.It worked so well and now it needed to be recognized. This system ran for around 100 years and there were some changes made in this, but the basic structure was the same. Later in the year 1921, Board of High School and Intermediate Education was the first Board set up in Uttar Pradesh India by the Judriction of Rasputin, Gwalior. After independence, it changed to Central board of secondary education in the year 1952.

The education system in India is changing now and the people also understand the value of education and in the 86th Amendment in 2002, the education has become compulsory for the 6 to 14 years children.

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Latest Education Model of India:

Now, most of the colleges, schools and universities are conducting online classes or distance education. It is especially for the person who cannot join the regular classes at schools or colleges; they can join the distance learning programs. You can have any course at an advance level to get graduated or postgraduate etc.

Home Schooling is also similar to this but this is only for the class Senior Secondary Education. They can have their schooling done from Home. These types of alternative education system give a chance to study to the handicapped or those who are unable to attend regular school. These are the ways of education System in India. Everything is getting modern and things are also changing day by day. Now, most of the colleges/Universities conduct online classes.

Thing are changing day by day and getting better. The Literacy rate is also increasing. A government or any person or authority cannot force you to study. You have to study for yourself.


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