What are salary differences between NDA and CDS

The NDA and CDS, the National Defense Academy and Combined Defense Academy these both exams are conducted by the Union Public service Commission twice in a year. One will prepare so well in order to clear this examination.  You need best CDS Coaching as well as Best NDA Coaching These both exams are for the selection of Officers into Indian Army, Indian Navy and Indian Air force. These both exams have different pattern and also the eligibility criteria is very different from each other. Today we will discuss complete details about the exams and will also tell you, which one is better to join  if you are defense aspirant.

NDA v/s CDS-

Look, these both academies are best at their own place. But if you defense aspirants decided to join the defense then I would suggest you to join NDA because competition is less and if you will get select in the NDA. But you need to prepare very well for this. You must the best NDA Coaching in order to clear this examination. Your life is going to be amazing and you will be tension free about job and college life etc. your life will be secured and highly respectable. And best thing is you will not have run in the rat race as usually everybody starts preparing after the graduation. CDS is not bad, if you cannot qualify NDA anyhow.
You can prepare for the CDS after the graduation. Competition is too much in this field. So you must join the Best CDS Coaching for the preparation of this. Everything is same in both but training period is different. While in NDA you will be trained for 3+2 years.  And in CDS you will be trained for 2 years in the respected wings.

Salary Difference between NDA and CDS:

The salary is completely same after the Training and all the candidates from the NDA and CDS, they both will get same salary after getting commissioned in to the respected service.
While on the training they get paid the same stipend as well as benefits to the candidates. During the period of training A Cadets do not get any salary. Cadets are eligible for a sum of Rs. 21,000 per month as stipend during the training period.

These both the exams are tough to clear but if you prepare well for this, you can definitely do so. You need to join the Best NDA Coaching if you are preparing for the NDA. For the CDS as well, you should join the Best CDS Coaching for the preparation.


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